LYRICS: Sarkodie – Revenge of the Spartans

Yeah!.. Huhh!.. Yeah!.. Go!
Tamale people dey show me support
Nti na m’achangie me thoughts
Ma me de vim, gye me ho di, so I wanna be the king, wanna be the boss.. What?!
The lyrics are cutting across
Straight from Tema community 9
But now the nigga dey travel abroad.. oops!
I carry Tema for my back
I go fit be Tema Tupac
Make you no compare cos nigga you wack.. allow
Obidi starte wɔ Akweteyman
Boys no suro me sɛ Eyadéma
Me, meyɛ rap mu governor
Mebue m’ano kasa pɛ agbenaa
Straight from the ghetto to Hollywood
ɔmo se Obidi me rapi good
Na sɛ nka rap bɛte atɔ fam koraa anka m’areserve me parachute
Some of the people for double-up
Cos you messing with the hustler
Medi dollars in vernacular
Rap no yɛ deliver no spectular, Dracula
Me? I’m just a traveller
I’m still a bachelor
Me rapi de Ewe, Dagbani ne Nzema no fra, alata samina.. chai!
Ghanafoɔ crowne me lyricist
Crossing from Accra to villages
Only me spitting the realest shit
Rappers pii yɛ skirmishes
Fans no twɛn me for 24th
ɔmo a ɔmo amma bi no ɛhyee ɔmo rough
I came and I conquer, from bumper to bumper
Mo nkille flow no, start it from the top
Big ups to my nigga Gemini
I dey remember say you and I
Used to muder the microphone
I swear you flow, I no go lie ..huhh!
Bidi kasahare marry me
No dey give gabba for enemy
Twe me mogya no sɛ Hennessey
Weytin I do for the jealousy
Cos they wanna be ahead of me
You told me you sorry, you better be
Aka m’akoma nti no mɛka twi
Woanbɔ me besea nti mia w’ano
Me de me sika hwɛ me nuanom, bisa Fianko
Obidi ewiase adeɛ me kyi a ne nkoasom
It took me a couple of bucks
Adeɛ a m’annyɛ bi ne drugs
Apart from ashawofoɔ dross, mmaa no deɛ m’achatte rough.. applause
ɔmo pɛ sɛ ɔmo gye me crown
ɔmo se nka menbaacke down
That’s okay but me hia Dre no sika no bi, ɛno mpo no me pɛ no Pounds (laughs)
I came in unannounced
The realest to do this, I’m taking you back
Giving you lines and giving you tracks
Meyɛ mo deɛ whites no bɛyɛ blacks
Mo mbra me fie na mo nbɛ checke me plaques
I’m killing the niggas as soon as I flow
M’agye award no twice in a row
The reason I never dey yorb be sake of I no get time to break it down for you to know.. shit!
The energy first
Study me rap sɛ memory verse
Me kata m’ani da koraa mɛdi first
Wei na meyɛ de releasie me stress
Me, meyɛ hard, me rap yɛ gee
Beat no te sɛn me hye no sɛ wee
Me we mo nam tesɛ Idi Amin
Chale mo npause cos I wanna be… Hov
I did it before, me yɛ Tema boy
I’m spitting it raw, no chorus, I’m breaking the law
Still aa wo nfeeli a onyɛ ayesɔɔ
You wanna know what I’m really about?
Monkɔ hwɛ twitter mo nchecke me crowd
Rap no ɛhyɛ me sɛ skirt ne blouse
No be the jumping, no be the shout
Taking it easy, the tracks on the PC, the shows on the TV, na checke me CV, na savie me DP, na soakie me gyimkpi
Rap no nsa da, Nyame nti
We made it, we made it
Shit is amazing huh
Sark is a hell of a nation
People dey call me a mason
M’aprovie me talent abɛgye mo dollars
Nkorɔfoɔ feeli me demeanour
Me starti wɔ Tavern, but all of a sudden metumi kɔ parki arena
Arena no parke pɛ na me nya tetɛ ɔhyew de me nti me changie me inner
Me Nyame n’ayɛ bi
Adeda mfikyire te sɛ me na nnɛ metumi pushie beamer, odi ma me


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